Skylert Notification Service

The Unionville-Sebewaing Area School District is pleased to announce our use of the Skylert notification service. Skylert is a messaging system that allows the district to quickly send mass notifications to employees, parents, the community and students. Skylert works through Skyward's Family Access to provide you with the means to manage your contact sources and choose how you will be contacted for a variety of purposes.

Skylert can provide you with information in three ways:
  1. Telephone/Cell Phone Call Electronically Recorded Messages
  2. E-mails
  3. Text Messages
We will be using the system to let families know about:
  • Emergency situations,
  • Weather-related delays/cancelations,
  • Low lunch account balances,
  • Changes to scheduled events, and
  • General school information.

You can decide the contact method(s) by which you receive messages.

To check and update your Skylert contact information:
  1. Login to your Family Access account, which you can access from the District web page.
  2. Click on the Skylert option listed on the left hand side.
  3. Make changes to the information or change your preference of notification delivery.
  4. Select the check boxes in the columns to activate that mode of communication with the following:
    Non-school Hours Emergency - for events that happen when school is not in session, such as school closings due to overnight snow storms.
    School Hours Emergency - for events that happen during the school day, such as early closings due to snow storms or other emergencies.
    General - for informational purposes only and will reference various district or school events and information. This will include routine school/program emails.
    Food Service – this will include messaging when food service balances fall below a negative balance of $5.00.
    Survey - when we need your opinion on matters important to your school or the district. This option will only be used occasionally.

You can add and remove a checkmark as you wish for the various types of contact calls, emails, or text messages. Even though you may have checked phone numbers to receive text messages, you must also 'opt in' to receive the text services for each number under the ‘Text Message Numbers’ heading.

If you don't know your Family Access login information, please contact the building office that your student attends.