Requirements for substitute teaching

How To Become a Substitute Teacher

Individuals that want to become a substitute teacher (also known as a sub, substitute or sub-teacher) and work in a PCMI client district(s) must meet State and PCMI requirements. In addition to these requirements, the applicant should have some basic experience related to all duties connected to managing a classroom of students to ensure learning objectives are achieved. This will include; the ability to create and/or follow lesson plans, provide a structured learning atmosphere while maintaining positive control of the classroom, monitor student attendance and behavior, develop classroom notes as follow up for the home room teacher and possess the ability to develop positive working relationships with students, administrators and staff. Minimum Qualifications in Michigan:

This position requires: a minimum of 90 college credit hours (from an accredited four year university) with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

  • Excellent communication skills (written & oral)
  • Highly organized with exceptional time management skills
  • An interest in working with students of various age groups
  • Ability to create a positive learning atmosphere, focused on student involvement/interaction
  • Ability to manage conflict and obtain positive results
  • Professional demeanor and personal integrity
  • Ability to demonstrate safe work habits and maintain a safe environment for students
  • Ability to successfully pass all criminal background checks
  • Must complete all required on-line training modules provided by Global Compliance Network (GCN)
  • Ability to travel to various buildings within the district(s)
  • Adherence to all PCMI policies and all school district policies/guidelines

Orientation Meeting

Our Substitute orientation meeting will allow you to meet a local PCMI representative(s) and ask questions about our company and your employment with us. As an employee working in an educational environment around children, there are several federal, state, and school requirements for training. The internet training modules allow you the opportunity to learn and complete your required and non-required training in the comfort of your own home and at your discretion.

Up Front Costs

The State of Michigan requires all employees (including substitute teachers) working in an educational arena to be fingerprinted and requires that those results be maintained on file. The fingerprinting process produces a criminal history report which contains any federal or state criminal records held on the applicant. Those records are used to determine if an individual has been involved in any criminal activities which would preclude them from working in an educational environment. There are several vendors statewide as well as School Districts and ISD’s that provide fingerprinting service for fees ranging from $55.00 to $70.00. The State of Michigan charges these vendors over $50.00 of this fee to produce the report. Some districts may not share this information in order to protect your privacy. There may also be an application fee to process your PCMI application.

Certifications and Licenses

The State of Michigan requires all substitute teachers who do not currently possess an unexpired teaching certificate in the State to obtain a substitute teaching permit in order to substitute teach. You may Visit  External LinkMDE to identify the renewal requirements and process for obtaining a substitute teaching permit.

The State of Michigan requires PCMI to provide verification of your 90 semester credit hours toward an undergraduate degree. Some states have more relaxed credit hour requirements for graduates requiring PCMI to audit actual semester credit hours instead of verifying diplomas. Some districts initially did not require “official” transcripts. Based on recent audits and clarifications from the Department of Education, official transcripts are required.

Some school districts may require a 4 year degree in order to sub-teach in their district. If you request or desire an assignment at one of these schools, we will need to verify your teacher’s permit and degree.