May 16, 2021

Dear Patriot Parents, 

The MDHHS released a revised order on Friday, May 14, suspending all requirements for outdoor mask-wearing. The order also permits those who have received a COVID-19 vaccine to go without masks indoors. People who have not received a vaccine, including children, must continue to wear masks indoors. You may read the full document at .

Saturday, the CDC released a recommendation ( CDC revised school recommendation ) that schools should continue to have all staff and students wear face coverings through the end of this school year. USA Schools will follow the CDC recommendation to have staff and students wear masks for the remainder of the school year.  The masking requirement includes classrooms, hallways, buses, etc. whenever students or staff are indoors or in an enclosed setting (such as a school bus). We will work with our local and state health department in the event that schools receive further guidance on this issue.

The announcement on Friday also permits students to remove masks when they are outdoors during the school day. In addition, the MHSAA announced on Saturday that players and coaches will no longer have to wear masks when practicing or competing outdoors. We welcome this new relaxed mask rule and we look forward to our students and staff returning to a more normal experience when they are outdoors. 

We look forward to the many special events that will be celebrated in the remaining weeks of school and thank you for your continued support and cooperation throughout this entire school year. 


Educationally yours, 

George Rierson