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VEX In The Zone

The Middle School Robotics Team participated in VEX In The Zone. Matches run two teams vs. two teams; every team will be matched up with and against every team at the event. The goal is to stack the most cones on mobile, low goals, stationary high goals, and to move the mobile goals into different zones. In the first 15 seconds of the match, robots move autonomously and without driver control. The rest of the match gives drivers control of their robots. At the end of the match, points are added up and the winning alliance is announced.




  • Ubly Competition - November
  • Bad Axe Competition - January
  • East Regional Competition - February




Team 54471A


This team won the following awards:

  • Ubly Champion
  • Excellence Award

Team 54471B


This team won the following award:

  • Robot Skills Qualifier @ Bad Axe

Watch last year's VEX Game, In The Zone!

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Watch this year's VEX Game!