Wondering how to afford college?

Applying for scholarships can help to reduce the cost of college for families and students. Even though our local scholarships do not become available until later in the school year, students should get a jump start on applying for state and national scholarship competitions this summer.  

Local Scholarships:  

Our community is extremely supportive of USA graduates as evidenced by the money they donate in scholarship dollars to graduating seniors each year. Businesses and clubs regularly make their scholarship applications available in February of a student's senior year.

Remember, the more scholarships you apply for, the greater likelihood you'll be chosen!

New scholarships, including many local scholarships are now available.  Please check out the entire listing below.  There are 3 different types of scholarships:  1. Scholarships that you can just click on the link and it will take you directly to the online application.  2.  Scholarships that you will have to print and fill out neatly by hand.  3.  Scholarships that have fillable boxes where you type in to them and just print and turn in to the Guidance Office.  To be able to view all of these, you will need Adobe Reader on your computer.  A free version is available online - document with directions on how to access it follows:

Adobe PDF Reader Install. Instructions

Please click below to see a complete listing of all scholarships:

All Scholarships Available as of 2-13-18

There are two (2) types of scholarship applications listed below:

1.  The following scholarship applications will need to be printed, neatly filled out, and turned in to the Guidance Office by the due date:

Jean M.R. Smith Foundation Scholarship-Due 3-1-18

Caro Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Due 3-13-18

James G. Fitzgerald 4-H Scholarship-Due 3/15/18

MI Masonic Charitable Scholarship - Due 3-15-18

Cooperative Elevator Co. Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Agricultural Scholarship - Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Bublitz Scholarship for Nursing-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Donald D. & Sara J. Dost Sch.-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Fullmer Family Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Houghtaling Family Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Kenna Lynne Peet Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Olaf A. Goodell Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

TCCF's Republican Party Scholarship-Due 3-15-18

Betaseed Scholarship - Due 3-15-18

Gateway Sportman's Club A.C.E Schol.-Due 3-23-18

Gateway Elizabeth Low Schreur Mem Sch-Due 3-23-18

Dr. Bruce J. Dunn Memorial Scholarship-Due 3/24/18

Anthony L. Rapes Mem. Scholarship - Due 3/29/18

Huron County 4-H Council Scholarship - Due 3/29/18

Michigan Sugar Scholarships (2) - Due 3-31-18  (Albert Flegenheimer Memorial & Next Generation)

Larry Adam FFA Memorial Scholarship - Due 4-4-18

Home Builders Assoc. of Saginaw Schol.-Due 4-20-18

Michigan Sugar Queen Scholarship - Due 4-27-18

Tuscola Conservation District Schol. - Due 5-16-18

2.  The following scholarship applications have "fillable" colored boxes, which you will be able to type right in to.  Please type in your answers, print the application, and turn in to the Guidance Office by the due date: 

Sebewaing Wild Turkey Fed. Scholarship-Due 3-29-18

USA FFA Alumni Scholarship - Due 4-4-18

Nathan Southgate Memorial Scholarship - Due 4-6-18

Sebewaing Amer. Legion Post 293 Schol.-Due 4-6-18

Jan Carson Memorial Scholarship - Due 4-12-18

Sebewaing Rotary Club Scholarships - Due 4-12-18

Sebewaing Sparkettes Scholarship - Due 4-12-18

Lions Memorial Scholarships - Due 4-12-18

Duncan A. Crawford Scholarship - Due 4-12-18