College Admissions Visits

College Admissions

USA is fortunate to have the support of many area colleges. We welcome college admissions' advisors to our high school in hopes of sharing information about their college with our students.  Students that are considering attending the perspective colleges, should sign up in the guidance office.  Students that sign up, in advance, will be excused from class in order to ask questions and learn about the opportunities that exist at their college of interest.  

College Visits

The following are the dates and times that College/University Admission Representatives will be coming to USA High School to visit with students that are interested.   Students are to sign up in the Guidance Office and an announcement will be made when the representative arrives. 

Monday, October 23         SVSU - onsite admissions               1:15 p.m.              Computer Lab 215

                                          SVSU - information session            2:35 p.m.               Auditorium

                                          Wayne State University                  2:35 p.m.               Room 106

Tuesday, October 24        U of M - Ann Arbor                         2:35 p.m.               Auditorium

                                          Alma College                                  2:35 p.m.               Room 106

                                          Aveda Institute                                2:35 p.m.              Cafeteria

Wednesday, October 25   Michigan Tech                                2:35 p.m.               Auditorium

                                          Oakland University                         2:35 p.m.               Room 106

                                          Hope College                                 2:35 p.m.               Cafeteria

                                          Aquinas College                            2:35 p.m.

Thursday, November 9     Lake Superior State                       2:35 p.m.               Room 106

Wednesday, November 29  Northern Michigan                      2:35 p.m.                Room 106