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2203 Wildner Road, Sebewaing, MI 48759

Central Office
  • (989) 883-2360
  • HS Office
  • (989) 883-2534
  • MS Office
  • (989) 883-3140
  • ElE Office
  • (989) 883-9147


    Please contact (Athletic Director) at (989) 883-2534 for more information or any questions.

    Sports takes students on a journey of physical, mental and social excellence while teaching the dynamics of a team. Our Athletic Department's mission is to develop each student's athletic ability to excel physically, mentally and socially as an individual and as part of a team. USA places a high priority on ensuring our student athletes are also stellar students academically and that they understand their role in community.

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    Athletic Policy Click to download
    Athletic Policy Click to download