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What is My DynaCal My DynaCal allows visitors of your calendar to create and save personalized views of your public calendar. With My DynaCal they can create customized views of your Calendar events, activities, news and assignments that they interested in! Then, users my sign up for Email Alerts, Text Alerts, subscribe to a RSS feed, or subscribe from their personal calendar (Google, Mac iCal, Outlook or any other personal calendar that offers subscription capability). My DynaCal gives them the Calendar information they want, when they want it, and how they want it! The best part of My DynaCal is your users are getting real-time updates to their personal Calendar as you update DynaCal. There are no limits to the numbers of My DynaCal users you may have, and no limits to the number of personalized views a user can create. Calendar Administrators Can Use it Too! My DynaCal is not just a feature offered to the public it is also available to the Administrators of DynaCal, those responsible for entering and managing your Calendar. Users may save their own views and set one as their default Calendar so each time they log in, that is the calendar displaying. Users may sort their calendar by number of Days in View, List View or Calendar View, and even Event Types. Whether that be All Events, Athletics, Resources, Public Events, it may even be sorted by specific Categories. Once a Saved View is created, it may then be used to subscribe to other personal Calendar (Google, Mac iCal, Outlook). Making it easier to have all of your users events on one calendar system. - See more at: My Dynacal
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