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Robotics Success @ Kettering

The USA Middle School robotics team #10623 "Team Robotica" traveled to Kettering University in Flint on December 5th to compete at a district event in the First Technology Challenge (FTC).  The competition consisted of 32 teams made up of middle school students from around the tri-city area.  This was the first ever competition for the team.


This year's competition was called Res-Q and it featured a game where robots worked in teams of 2 to move debris, climb a "mountain" and rescue climbers in the form of plastic figures.  Each team competes in 5 matches throughout the day.  Each match consist of 30 seconds of computer controlled action followed by 2 minutes that the robot is controlled by a team of drivers.  Each match has a winner based on the points they earned during this time.  At the end of the matches, the top 4 teams become the captains and pick alliance partners to work with during the playoffs.

Team Robotica

This year Team Robotica finished the regulation matches seeded 8th out of 32 teams.  They were picked to be alliance partners on the 3rd ranked alliance.  During the 2nd match of the semi-finals, a broken gear box made the robot unable to move and knocked them out of the competition.  Making it to the semi-finals in their first competition was a great accomplishment for a first year team.  They have set the bar high for next year's robotics team.

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